September 27, 2019
June 1, 2020
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$89.90 / month

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Web Design
Design and layout development.

Web Development
Technical part, the texts must be supplied by the customer.

Secure Hosting
Your website securely hosted on our high-performance servers.

10 Pages
Pages counted by Menu items, such as: Home, Clients, Services, Contact, etc…

Responsive Website
It adapts to the visitor’s device. It doesn’t matter if they are using a mobile phone, tablet or computer to access your site!

Registration on search websites
Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…

Image Optimization
Optimization of images for better performance and relevance gain.

Daily Backup
Your information will be always protected.

Website Monitoring
We monitor your site in real time, preventing it from suffering unexpected downtime.

SEO Ready
Basic implementation of search engines optimization such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…

Trafficking Monitoring
An essential tool to track page hits and its behavior.

Sign up on Search websites
Google Business, Google Maps.


E-mail Accounts Settings and Features

✔️ 1 e-mail account
using Google structure. E.g.:

✔️ Calendar @yourdomain
using Google structure.

✔️ Hangout communicator@yourdomain
using Google structure.

* We partner with Google to offer you a package that will help you to run your business more efficiently. This work set offers email accounts and calendar.


App suit for collaboration and storage space:

(Create, edit, store and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your browser and on multiple devices. Earn mobility; solve your company’s issues even when you’re away from the office!)

✔️ Documents
Real-time co-edition of documents.

✔️ Spreadsheets
Fast and online advanced spreadsheets.

✔️ Presentations
Professional and team-built presentations.

✔️ Forms
Easy-to-use research forms.

✔️ Drive
Cloud storage and secure file sharing.



Ranking and reputation analysis for your site and its competitors.

Logo development (3 options)
$ 60,00

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Registration on search websites
(Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google Business, Google Maps, Angie’s List)

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** 1 Free Month for each successful customer indication.