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Publish your portfolio

Promote your portfolio and present your work in a more professional way.

Taking advantage of technology facilities is strategic for anyone who wants to be seen and increase business visibility.

After all, what is a portfolio?

“The term  portfolio comes from the Italian portaflogio , which means – container where loose sheets are kept, and began to be used in visual arts where the artist would make a selection of works that expressed his production.” (

That is, a collection of what someone produces, with the intention of presenting it to an audience.

Despite the use being very focused on the area of ​​advertising, design and communication, the term has been used by other areas in order to professionalize the presentation of products or services. So, we can use, quite calmly, for example: “Check out our portfolio of services” or “Check out our portfolio of products”.

How to create a portfolio?

It is important that the portfolio presents content that is relevant and representative of what you want to show, so for each area or business niche this can vary a lot, see the examples:

  • A designer’s portfolio must present works that show his style and his ability to develop visual projects;
  • For a photographer, your best photos, even separated by categories such as: landscapes, people, animals, etc.
  • For a curtain seller: the types, colors, materials and examples of curtains installed, to show the quality of the product and the completion of the service;
  • For a cleaning company: the products used with their benefits and a before and after comparison would be essential for a customer to visualize the quality of the company.

What is the advantage of a digital portfolio?

Back in the day, portfolios were delivered printed, can you imagine the cost of that? Yes, they are still used in the form of folders, booklets and catalogues.

But think with me, if all this is always online, does it make it easier? Sure!

See the benefits:

  • Facilitates disclosure;
  • The distribution;
  • The update;
  • The cost is much lower;
  • In addition to being available 24 hours for your audience to visit.

Count on us to develop the project of your dreams.

How about talking with us and together we develop the ideal project for your business?

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Visit our Portfolio and discover our projects.

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Visit our Portfolio and discover our projects.


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