Design, usability and functionality


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Design, usability and functionality

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An area designed based on functional, ergonomic and visual aspects, with the aim of meeting the needs of the user/consumer, improving their comfort, safety and satisfaction.


ISO 9241–11 ( 1998) says that:

Usability is the efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction with which product audiences achieve goals in a given environment.

Usability is a term that derives from ergonomics, emerged in the 80s and is presented as rules or heuristics that intend to make products easier to use, such as websites for example.

Jackob Nilsen, Don Norman and Steve Krug are the big names in this area, each one develops studies with specific methodologies that complement each other:

  • Jackob Nielsen – the father of Usability, developed the 10 most used usability heuristics on websites;
  • Don Norman – Design Thinker, Cognitive Scientist, and one of Design’s greatest gurus. He created the 6 Design Principles to show why one product is successful and the other is not;
  • Steve Krug – is a UX professional and coined the term navigability;


Everything a product can do.

It is also a usability heuristic , that is, a rule must be applied so that a website, for example, works in the best possible way, allowing a user to perform tasks efficiently.

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